UCL saves the planet
Experts from the UCL community share their news and views on the way forward.

Inspired by
From student radio via Silicon Valley to a vegan restaurant, Grace Regan tells us about her journey to curry entrepreneur.

Jeremy Bentham speaks
Professor Sophie Scott shares her insights on laughter and why science has long neglected research in this area.

Artificial Intelligence
There’s a lot more to artificial intelligence than what goes on inside your smartphone.


Latest news from across UCL


Chronic pain
It’s estimated that as many as 15 per cent of children in the UK suffer with chronic pain. Professor Suellen Walker explains UCL’s pioneering research project into the condition.

At the hatchery
Dr Dexter Penn shares his experience of creating Kalgera, a game-changing app for older people and their carers.


Think you know Shakespearean language? Meet Professor David Crystal, who’s cataloguing all of Shakespeare’s words.

Professor Michael Arthur reflects on how the university has become a champion of inclusion and diversity.

Think you have what it takes to make it onto University Challenge? Three alumni share their highs and lows of doing battle on the long-running TV show. Fingers on buzzers.

On the map
Information Management graduate Aamir Delawalla, gives first-year students at UCL an exclusive introduction into the world of KPMG.


In conversation
Professor Tamar Garb, Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies, discusses the launch of the Centre for the Study of Race and Racism with its founding director, Professor Paul Gilroy.

This idea must die
Dr Seirian Sumner argues that it’s time to show wasps some love for the vital role they play in our ecosystems.

Colin Penman, Head of Records, unravels the story behind the ‘cockney university’ and UCL’s rarely, seen Royal Charter.


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