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I read with great interest the short article that highlighted the indisputable problem of the low number of black and ethnic minorities in leading academic positions. I do not agree with Dr. William Ackah that “[…] black life is … anti-intellectual […]”. I firmly believe in my heart that anyone from any background or ethnicity can become a leading academic in their field.

Studies seem to suggest, in agreement with the article, that we live in a society whose academic system is based upon the castration of members of black and ethnic minorities. It is therefore absolutely necessary that equal opportunities are provided to all young academics, including young black and ethnic graduates, who wish to pursue their career in academia. It is of pivotal importance that through mentoring schemes, ambitious and capable graduates from any background are given the chance to fulfil their academic dreams.

I believe that due to its historically unique feat of having opened up higher education in England for the first time to students regardless of their race or religion, UCL needs to be at the forefront again this time to make sure that the door to leading academic positions in higher education opens up more widely and stays open to members from black and ethnic backgrounds, so that they can get a foot in the door, persevere and go the distance.

Jayanthiny Kangatharan (UCL Cognitive Neuroscience 2010)

I finally got the chance to properly digest the latest edition of PORTICO and I have nothing but praise for it. Not only were the pieces in it well written and thought provoking, but they also covered such a wide range of subjects and interests. It felt as though there was something in it for everyone and certainly more than enough for me. In fact, the articles were so interesting I passed the magazine on to a friend of mine to read when I was finished with it. It has made me remember why I loved UCL so much and has certainly made me reach for your donation website. Keep up the great work!

Anne Eden (UCL Anthropology 2004)


Illustration Hanna Melin

I am a UCL alumnus and, as such, I am lucky to receive the magazines you produce. Over the past few years, I noticed quite a change in the magazines’ design – for the better. The newly designed PORTICO makes wonderful use of colour, layout and type, with a touch of class. Fantastic work!

Ashkan Mashhour (UCL Spacecraft Technology and Satellite Communications 1997)


Alistair McBay @AMcBay_NSS
Inspiring day at UCL graduation. Young people of all races, cultures and creeds united in academic achievement.

Christopher Jones @skypecoach82

What an amazing collection of people with the aim [of] social improvement/good. I feel pretty happy with the human race right now.

Andrew Dunn @AndrewDunn10

Fantastic graduation day at UCL – thanks again @UCLHistory for having me, and looking forward to keeping in touch.

Dr Effrossyni Gkrania @CambridgeInfectious
Recognising an all-women “dream team” of science and society leaders at UCL graduation day today was truly inspirational.

Paul Mason @paulmasonnews
Congrats to all PGCE grads today. Hope you realised Piaget & Peugeot = 2 completely different things.

Horace Chien @horacechien
Finally my turn to graduate. Thank you mum and dad.

Caroline Ellis @ellis_cari

Proud to be a @UCLAlumni and honoured to speak to new graduates with @DavidPriceUCL. Congrats all and thanks.

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