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ISSUE 3. 2016/17


Front cover: Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu, Pro-Vice Provost for Africa and the Middle East, with 400,000-year-old hand axes from the UCL Petrie Museum. Photograph by Alun Callender.

Editor: Mira Katbamna
Commissioning Editor: Steve McGrath
Art Director: Zoë Bather
Project Manager: Helen Bradley

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  • Contents 2016/17Contents 2016/17
  • DeconstructedDeconstructed
  • InboxInbox
  • Two new grand challengesTwo new grand challenges
  • Free RadicalFree Radical
  • UCL a “global university”UCL a “global university”
  • Jeremy Bentham SpeaksJeremy Bentham Speaks
  • Extra CurricularExtra Curricular
  • The Strong RoomThe Strong Room
  • CloisteredCloistered
  • Follow the CrowdFollow the Crowd
  • A Time to GiveA Time to Give
  • How to Build a BrainHow to Build a Brain
  • Next MachinaNext Machina
  • Social AnimalsSocial Animals
  • What Janani, Sarah and Adam did nextWhat Janani, Sarah and Adam did next
  • The power of philanthropyThe power of philanthropy
  • This idea must dieThis idea must die
  • London  vs  WorldLondon vs World
Portico Issue 3. 2016/17