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UCL East


Number crunching
The proposed new UCL East campus based at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will cover more than 11 acres and provide at least 125,000m2 of space, with the first UCL East facilities opening during the 2019/20 academic year.

Access all areas
The new campus will house a wide range of expertise. Among the lucky candidates are: Global Future Cities Co-labs; the Centre for Access to Justice; a Robotics and Autonomous Systems Hub; Culture Lab; and an Experimental Engineering Research and Learning Hub.

High speed
Travel time between the Bloomsbury campus and UCL East will be from just seven minutes on high-speed rail and around 25 minutes on the London Underground.

Forging links
The campus will link four areas – Experiment, Art, Society and Technology – and break barriers between teaching, research, enterprise and public engagement.

Public eye
Outreach is already a big part of UCL East, with projects including Inspire Newham, a long-term engagement project working with high-potential young people in Newham schools, and legal volunteering at Community Links, also in Newham.

People watching
Phase one of the project will see more than 2,500 students, 200 academic staff, 200 researchers and 150 other staff on site, in addition to other users, visitors and onsite residents.


The biggest philanthropic Campaign in UCL’s history launches this autumn, with the aim of raising more money and engaging more people with the university and its work than ever before.

“This is an amazing institution doing remarkable things and we want people to know about it,” writes Vice-Provost (Development ) Lori Houlihan in this issue (page 20). “Philanthropy is not new to the university, but the need is more pressing than ever to support our ambitions.

“We want to transform the student experience. We want to continue to build on our leading position in the field of medical research. And we want to continue to encourage disruptive thinking – and thinkers.”

The Campaign formally launches in September 2016 with a series of high-profile events. Philanthropy is vital in enabling UCL to achieve its global ambitions – and in helping it to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, among them dementia and cancer.

You can join the Campaign and volunteer your time or make a donation. For further information visit www.ucl.ac.uk/campaign

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