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Transforming UCL – Wilkins Terrace unveiled


Photograph Ben Blossom

Wilkins Terrace. This stunning new space – the Wilkins Terrace – is designed by Levitt Bernstein Architects and delivered by UCL Estates. It’s the latest milestone in the Transforming UCL project.

Flexible space. The terrace area is ‘carved out’, creating connected areas on two levels. As well as being a place for students to meet, chat, study and eat (the refectory has also been refurbished), the terrace will host evening events from film screenings to fashion shows.

Stone age. The warm-toned landscaping is Portland Stone, a natural and sustainable stone with a high fossil content that adheres to the building’s strict Grade I listed status. The Portico area of the Wilkins Building was also built from Portland Stone.

People-watching. The terrace will open up a new pedestrian route linking the
Gower Street and Gordon Street sides of the campus, providing easy navigation and flow from the Wilkins Building, past the Refectory and to the Bloomsbury Theatre Café.


– the amount of money raised in UCL’s It’s All Academic Campaign. According to Lori Houlihan, UCL Vice-Provost (Development): “We are enormously proud to be working with a range of philanthropic partners to make a transformative difference to lives and societies across the world.”


– the number of hours committed by UCL volunteers. As James Davies, Executive Head of Alumni Relations, explains: “There are many ways of giving and the gift of time is enormously valuable, particularly when we have such a well-connected and high-achieving community.”


– the number of countries represented in time and money donations globally. Aligned with UCL’s long-term strategy UCL 2034, the Campaign focuses on four main themes that reflect the unique culture and contribution of UCL: health, students, London and disruptive thinking.

Figures correct at September 2017, the anniversary of the ongoing Campaign with a £600m target.

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