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London vs World

Nnenna Asubo  (LLB, third year) finds the perfect view from Primrose Hill..

Interview Diane Shipley Photograph Lydia Goldblatt

There’s always something new to see in London but, in my opinion, there’s only one place to go for the best views: Primrose Hill.

It’s where I head for a fresh perspective; you can see the whole cityscape up there, from Canary Wharf to the London Eye – it’s incredible. I first went there at the end of Freshers’ Week in my first year and I’ve been many times since.

I’m from Ipswich, and Primrose Hill reminds me of home because of the green and the fact that it’s so peaceful. It’s not really part of the city, yet you know you can easily get back to it. I think that’s what I like most: the feeling of being detached from London while being completely immersed in it.

You can go at any time of day and there’s always a great atmosphere. For example, I was there with friends a few weeks ago watching the sunset and talking and we ended up staying until 2am.

A group of us will often go there when the weather’s warm. The best time was for my friend’s birthday when we took blankets, a picnic and some speakers so we could have music playing quietly as we talked. Some people nearby were setting off lanterns; it was lovely. It’s such a nice place to spend a relaxed evening, but I also love watching the sunrise. I’m not naturally an early riser, though, so I have to make plans the night before or I’d miss it.

Quite a few people from UCL seem to live in the area and I often see people I know up there, either students from my course or from other subjects who I met in the first year. It’s a bit quieter in the winter, although New Year’s Eve is an exception – you can walk to the top and watch the fireworks. Last year, lots of people who didn’t want to go into central London or who couldn’t get tickets all gathered there to watch the big display, and you could see everything – it was the perfect spot.

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